Composer, Game & Video Audio Design

Selected Work

Finnish Film Foundation 50 Years

Composer (Video, 2019)
Finnish Film Foundation.


Composer, Sound Designer (PC, 2023). STEAM SITE
FakeFish Games, Undertow Games, Daedalic Entertainment.

The Bottom Of The Well

Composer (PC, 2016). STEAM SITE
Red Nettle Studio.

Moomin Under Sail

Composer, Sound Designer (Mobile, 2017).
Snowfall Games.

A Pirate's Life For Me

Composer (CC Song, 2019).

Moomin Match & Explore

Composer, Sound Designer (Mobile, 2018).
Snowfall Games.


Music Production

Producing various genres of music adaptive to follow the story.

Sound Design

From foley sounds to monster voices, not forgetting the mobile UI.


Using middleware like FMOD to boost the gaming experience.


Jussi Elsilä

I am passionate audio designer, specialising in composing music and sound design for games & video. Since studying media and game technology at university, I have worked with many different game designers and I am always ready to produce the best possible outcome. Having produced and composed music for over two decades, I have learnt to always be adaptive. I fine-tune my work to match the style and genre of each project, using a mixture of both organic and synthetic waves.